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Enabling Refactorings for your DSL just became a piece of cake


April 7th 2014

The new Refactory version 0.9.2 was released today. It contains several bug fixes. Furthermore, significant API changes were proceeded and additional functionalities are added. Most important changes were:

  • editor connector concept was completely revised
    • extension points removed
    • editor connectors are registered via the adapter mechanism of Eclipse
    • this way editor connectors can be specialised easily as specific adapters
    • primary non-model editors (such as the JDT editor) are supported better without opening another model editor containing the same information
  • setting the input of an IRefactorer now demands for a map representing a role binding from role name to model element(s)
  • structural definition of Quality Smells is upgraded to IncQuery version 0.8

February 2014

We are happy to announce that our paper A Tool-Supported Quality Smell Catalogue For Android Developers was accepted for the workshop Modellbasierte und modellgetriebene Softwaremodernisierung (MMSM 2014).

September 20th 2013

We are happy to announce that our paper Quality-Aware Refactoring For Early Detection And Resolution Of Energy Deficiencies was accepted for the 4th International Workshop on Green and Cloud Computing Management (GCM’2013).

July 24th 2013

Refactory 0.9.1 is available from our update site and the marketplace. In this release a lot of bugs were fixed and some features were added. To mention a few:

  • adapted to Kepler
  • executed refactorings are persisted in the global Eclipse Refactoring History and can be exported and/or replayed
  • pre- and post-condition checking with Dresden OCL is now available from the update site,
  • support for Quality Smells: one can register structure- or metrics-based smells and register refactorings for those which then are provided as quick fixes if a smell is detected,
  • a trunk update site is built automatically each time a build job finishes successfully on our Jenkins

September 3rd 2012

Our paper Tool Supported OCL Refactoring Catalogue was accepted for the 2012 Workshop on OCL and Textual Modelling (OCL 2012) at the MoDELS conference in Innsbruck.

July 31th 2012

Refactory 0.9.0 is available from our update site and the marketplace. In this release a lot of bugs were fixed and some features were added. To mention a few:

  • custom wizard pages can be registered to specific refactorings of DSLs,
  • pre- and post-condition checkers can be registered (which we've done exemplary with an Dresden OCL implementation), and
  • one can generate code for role mappings to allow easier access to refactorings and registered icons.

July 2012

Some weeks ago two students began their minor theses in the context of our tool Refactory. One thesis is about model smell specification and detection for providing a DSL's user with helpful tips regarding which refactoring to to execute. The other thesis investigates how to support DSL designers in providing role mappings. More information comming soon.

July 9th 2011

A couple of tools from the Dropsbox took part in the Hackathon at the GTTSE 2011. It is a great pleasure to announce that our solution won the Best Hack Award. It was a nice hacking night for us which brought a lot of fun. The basic task was to provide means for describing a company with its sub-departments and employees for which a textual syntax was predetermined. In addition we used eJava and JastEMF to implement some optional functionality. The FeatureMapper was used for mapping the single features from the original task to our particular implementations which then can be used to compile different variants. For visualisation means of a company we used our DOT implementation for generating a graph to quickly visualise a company's structure. Last but not least, Refactory was used to provide some refactorings for our company language. The Hackathon took place in the context of the 101 Companies Project from the group of Ralf Lämmel.

April 28th 2011

Refactory 0.8.4 is available from the EMFText update site ( This is mainly a bugfix release. We strongly recommend to update.

February 3rd 2011

We have set up a continuous build server that creates a fresh update site whenever a change is committed to the SVN repository. Now, you can install these builds from No more waiting for the next release!

November 1st 2010

Today a student work has started being about refactoring in the ontology driven software development. The student will investigate how to keep different models consistent if a refactoring in a model of one metamodel has to propagate a refactoring in another model of a different metamodel.

October 7th 2010

Very surprisingly our paper Role-based Generic Model Refactoring was elected with the Best Paper Award MoDELS 2010 at the banquette. So it is a very great pleasure for us and shows that we are on the right way.

October 7th 2010


Today Jan had a talk at the MoDELS 2010 conference in Oslo, presentating our paper Role-based Generic Model Refactoring. The talk was about how model refactorings can be specified generically, so that they can be reused in different metamodels.

The paper can be found under SpringerLink.

August 11th 2010

You can now install Refactory with the Eclipse Marketplace Client. Simply enter 'Refactory' in the search field and click 'Install' right beside the description of Refactory.

July 7th 2010

Refactory 0.8.0 is available from the EMFText update site ( This is the first stable version available to the public. We welcome any feedback.

June 1st 2010

Refactory will be presented at the Eclipse DemoCamp Helios in Dresden on June 8th at the Faculty of Computer Science.