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EMFText Refactoring SDK
Enabling Refactorings for your DSL just became a piece of cake

Refactory Core Development Team

Refactory is mainly developed by the following people: Jan Reimann, Mirko Seifert.

You can contact them at Detailed contact information is available from the team website of the Software Technology Group of Dresden University of Technology.

Refactory Additional Contributors

The following people (in alphabetical order) have contributed to Refactory or have developed generic refactorings or mappings for new languages:

  • Martin Brylski
  • Sergey Chuykov
  • Benjamin Klatt
  • Daniel Kojic
  • Michael Muck
  • Christoph Seidl
  • Erik Tittel
  • Christian Vonsien


In case you're interested to work with us (e.g., in a research or transfer project), don't hesitate to contact the core development team. We are always seeking for opportunities to cooperate with partners both from academia and industry.

We thank the following cooperations for contributing to Refactory:

  • Benjamin Klatt and Daniel Kojic within the KoPL project
  • Mirko Seifert, Jendrik Johannes, Christian Wende and Florian Heidenreich from the DevBoost Team
  • Claas Wilke, Christian Piechnick and Sebastian Götz within the QualiTune project


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